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alexanderwdark2 : 2008-08-20 18:41:19

Delphi - Программы

WordArcTC - plugin to work with MSWord files as archive

Unpacking formats:

direct.txt - get text form document using direct mode, no need for installed Word *

direct_oem.txt - direct, but in OEM encoding *

msfilter.rtf - get RTF text using Microsoft TexConv library *

msfilter_richedit.rtf - get RTF text using Microsoft TexConv library and filter it by MS RichEdit *

word.txt - get text from document using MSWord

word_lines.txt - get text with line breaks from document using MSWord

word.rtf - get RTF text from document using MSWord

word_richedit.rtf - get RTF text from document using MSWord and filter it by MS RichEdit

word.html - get HTML text from document using MSWord

word_dos.txt - get ASCII DOS text from document using MSWord

word_dos_lines.txt - get ASCII DOS text with line breaks from document using MSWord

word_unicode.txt - get unicode text from document using MSWord

* MSWord or MS Office may be not installed.


Use Ctrl + PgDown to enter word document as archive.

For description of using constole tool wa.exe see wa.exe screen (run it without any parameter)

Ini files

Ini file is located in Total Commander directory for plugin ini files. If You want to reset plugins settings
(i.e. You filter for extension assigment), just delete wordarc_exts.ini file.


Office Converter Pack

Freeware MS coverters library You can get here:

This gives support to WordArc plugin for reading:

- Microsoft Word 6 RTF export converter (Wrd6Er32.CNV)
- Microsoft Word 97 and above import converter (MsWrd832.CNV)
- Text Converter shared code DLL (MSConv97.DLL)
- Text Recovery converter (Recovr32.CNV)
- WordPerfect 5 import converter (Wpft532.CNV)
- WordPerfect 6 and above import converter (Wpft632.CNV)
- WordPerfect Equation filter (WpEqu532.DLL)

Text converters are included in Microsoft Windows XP and higher.


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